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Discover Strait’s captivating universe, in which each work is a window onto her teeming imagination, where colors dance in harmony to reveal the soul of her creations.

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Years of experience

Strait was born in 1972 in L’Isle Adam. From an early age, his passion for drawing led him to study applied arts at the prestigious Auguste Renoir High school in Paris. He then embarked on post-graduate studies in architectural environment design at the Duperré school.

In the late 80s, he immersed himself in the graffiti movement and adopted the pseudonym « STRAIT ». His commitment to street art fuels his graphic design and his preference for large-scale formats. As a stage designer for Club Med, he honed his artistic skills around the world, from Turkey to Israel and Cuba.

In 1997, eager to strengthen his creative freedom, he founded his own clothing brand. At the same time, his passion for music led him to explore percussion, whose rhythmic energy inspires his paintings.

Inspired by his travels, Strait now fuses figurative and abstract art, blending classical techniques with urban materials. He transposes his art to a variety of media across the globe, creating ephemeral works in chalk on different rocks. In 2009, this artistic exploration gave rise to an innovative concept, « Strait on the Rock », accompanied by a first book.

Today, Strait appears in numerous exhibitions, performances and artistic events, constantly refining his style through the universal language of movement, color and energy.

Strait is fire springing from darkness.

Art was born by the flickering light of a lamp in the bowels of the earth, at the dawn of history. The artist’s pure, intuitive approach is in line with that of his peers at the origins of Art. Technique and medium have evolved, but the spirit of freedom and communion with nature remains. A form of shamanism is found in the approach of the creator who succeeds in materializing his visions, revealing the invisible and extracting a truth. The artist commits body and soul to creation, bringing forth new physical and symbolic territories to explore. Pulsion/vision, Strait responds to the call of creation. His hands navigate, drawing contours, like a cartographer on a journey to the confluence of his imagination and unconsciousness. The artist channels her emotions and opens paths in a labyrinth of shapes and colors. The works are destinations, poetic gateways to a world that knows no borders, no limits, no time or space. This geography of eternity is omnipresent in his compositions, like an Ariadne’s thread guiding us through the twists and turns of existence.

Strait is also the voice of the street, of the dark cobblestones that mark his footsteps in the urban jungle. Graffiti and tagging are a way of taming the shadows and violence of concrete, leaving a trace, a mark, like a landmark in the night. The artist is a transmitter of emotions, color is his expression and nature the source of his inspiration. He creates relentlessly, like a visceral need for survival. This urgency is embodied in the variety of media he uses, and the diversity of his language between abstraction and figuration. His artistic practice can take the form of an active meditation when he creates an ephemeral work on rock, like a monumental mandala subjected to the four winds. This in situ work reminds us of the fragility of our human condition and touches on the purity of creation, art for art’s sake. The inner fire that drives her never closes any door, and freedom is at the heart of her art.

Her works surprise us with their strength, harmony and raw beauty. The movement, rhythm and mastery of color transport us into a radiant universe, like so many openings in the chaos of our reality.

A rhythm, a musicality infuses her compositions like a song celebrating the wonders that surround us. The works have a therapeutic, essential dimension, reminding us that art is what makes us human.

The artist has developed a philosophy of life that enables her to explore the full complexity of her emotions and to be at one with her environment. Strait proves that art has no boundaries, no limits, and cannot be confined to a medium, a concept or words.

Art is freedom. Art is what connects us to each other.

Andreas Alberti

Historien d'Art, spécialiste de la création contemporaine